Golf Betting Markets

There are many betting markets available for golf. It’s not just a case of putting your money on who you think is going to win the trophy. Many bookmakers offer all kinds of different bets and options for betting on my favourite sport and i’m going to share with you just a few of my favourites.

Why are they my favourite golf betting markets? Well of course that’s because i’ve had most success betting on them and it’s not always just opening up the golf market with your bookmaker and betting on their latest offer. Consider the strategy and choose the market accordingly. The value on some of these markets can often yield great returns.  


What on earth is mythical I hear you say! Well bare with me because this is offered by many of the big name bookmakers. Mythical is often often by leading bookmakers and it means that you can partner players against each other even when they’re not actually playing against each other. So basically you bet one player will score less than another. This is a great market and one of my personal favourites.

Final Finishing Position

Exactly what it says on the tin and a great golf betting possibility for in play. Bet on where you think players will finish come the end of the round or tournament. Top tip – look beyond the favourites and consider all players form.



Certainly one of the more common golf betting markets. Simply bet on the tournament outright winner. Of course ive bet on this is the past and had sucess. It’s all about the strategy and not just picking the tournament favourite, as often that’s not where you’ll find the best price.


Here’s a great market and one i’ve personally used several times over. You can bet on who will finish in any given amount of positions. So for example you can bet on a player finishing in the top 5. In return for this you can take lower odds, but wheres there value there’s money to be made.

Player Specials

Some bookmakers offer individual player specials. These can often offer some crazy prices and must be considered, especially going into the new golf season. Of course we can’t predict injuries or form going into a new year of golf, but the big players will always be there or there abouts. Make sure you have a look at these specials.


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