Studley Woods Golf betting Strategy

I’ve been a golf aficionado for many years now, both enjoying a game of stick and ball and of course watching.

It was natural for me to start placing bets on the game that I love as I consider myself to be somewhat of a golf expert or geek.

Watching this sport over many years as well as betting has seen me win some and lose some, of course this is to be expected when gambling however over recent years I have stuck to my guns with some strategies and these methods have proved fruitful.

Betting for me is all about realism. I’m not the kind of customer to randomly pick a golf betting market and throw endless amounts of money on accumulators that probably have very little chance of winning.

I take a much more considered approach, much like when I play the par 4 – 17th at St Andrews. A thorough consideration of the markets available, the odds and prices offered, the form and competition and finally the stake. I also factor in the inevitable loss and no betting strategy is foolproof.

So here’s a closer look at my golf betting strategy.


Take a close look at the tournament and where it is being played. I’ve even been known to look at the weather forecast as this has happened some of the favourites in the past. Its well worth noting where the holes are on the green, especially on the final day. Golf often comes down to a missed putt and being ahead of the game with a little prior research can pay dividends. Take a look at specific course previews to see how the  course has been set up.


Don’t just stick to the favourites. Look further down the leaderboard and again do your research. The best odds can often lie with some of the outsiders and knowing their form and success rate in previous tournaments. Some players also like nice wide fairways and knowing their driving accuracy record can determine how well they might fair. Likewise knowing how well their putting accuracy has been will give a good indication on how they will play.


Research is the name of the game. This consideration goes hand in hand with the player section. If a player withdraws from a tournament the markets will move and prices may increase or decrease with other players and markets. There are many golf betting markets to pick from and studying them closely alongside this strategy can be beneficial. Don’t just bet on outright winner.


This is an obvious one. Take a look at how the players got on in previous years and tournaments. Some players love Augusta and annually feature on the leaderboard. Likewise some players perform on different types of courses. There’s a huge difference between a lush course, with wide fairways and a links course.

These are a few factors I take into account when betting on golf. I’ve also found some great value with in play betting and this can also be considered when placing bets on this sport.

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