INVERNESS, SCOTLAND - JULY 15:  during the final round of the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open at Castle Stuart Golf Links on July 15, 2012 in Inverness, Scotland. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

Types of golf to bet on

When betting on golf it is important to understand the type of golf game or format that is being played. By getting this basic knowledge toy can pick your bets for the different tournaments easier.

Stoke Play

This type of golf format is all in the name. This game involves counting the number total number of strokes a player has taken on each and every hole and also on each round. Of course we all know that golf is about taking as a few strokes as possible and therefore the winner of stroke play is the player who has taken the fewest strokes. This is my favourite format of golf – Here’s the full rules from the R & A (

Match Play

This is a golf scoring system. This is where a player or team earns a point for each hole in which they have bettered their opponent. You may be familiar with this type of golf as it is used in the Ryder Cup.

These two types of golf are the most commonly seen and played throughout the golfing calendar. Stroke play is more commonly used for individuals and this is often where the best value lies when it comes to betting. Especially when taking into account my golf betting strategy.

There are however other types of golf formats. A few of which I have explained below and some which we can occasionally have a bet on.



This is often seen in betting circles and can best be described as a skin is won when a player achieves the lowest score on a hole out of all the players in the game. This score must be the only score because ties don’t count. This type of betting format is ideal for the par 5 holes where golfers who can drive far can lay themselves up for an albatross.


Played in teams of 2, this is where the players take it in turns to play the shot from where the ball lies. This is in fact another name for this type of golf and is often referred to as alternate. I once played a game of foursomes at the Belfry and it is indeed a staggeringly difficult way to the game.

Best Ball

Not often seen to bet on but a fantastic version of golf. A team game where multiple players play the same holes and course and the player with the lowest (best) score for a particular hole is added to the score card.


Less known and probably less played. Stableford is a scoring system and where stroke play relies on players achieving the lowest score with this format the highest score wins. Points a awarded for the number of strokes taken and in theory speeds rounds of golf up and can also stop players picking up their ball and quitting after just a couple of bad holes.

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